Want to get over someone or need work motivation? 7 quotes that are sure to make you happy!

If pinterest quotes can't make you happy, I don't know what can!

HAHA, I read this while on my recent trip to Mumbai and honestly it couldn't be more true. It's absolutely normal to embrace your mood dips because only then can you overcome them!

Life is an emotional rollercoaster and its good to find happiness in little things: even as little as quotes! Why not if they can make you happy! 

Fun fact: I have not been feeling very good these past couple of days because of work stress and some personal stuff as well! So this might be a therapeutic blog for both you and me! Let's see these quotes which are sure to make us HAPPY!


1. Let's start with feeling love and happiness!

love quotes

2. Take care of yourself now!

breakup quote

3. Cut yourself some slack! Spend time to nourish your soul. Go watch your fav movie

love yourself quotes

4.Stressed about work? It's time for the all mighty to do its magic! Trust the universe 

the secret universe quote

5. You are stronger than you know! Too strong for one person to break your heart. You can't give them that power.

heart break quotes

6. You are so special. Your laugh is infectious! You really are so so beautiful! LOVE youself

positive quotes

7. Be grateful for your life right now! You are at the perfect place in your personal and professional life. The universe has a perfect timing for unfolding things

perfect timing

Aaah! I feel better. Let's promise to take some time out to be happy! That's all that matters really. There is one thing I read the other day which said "The universe will never take anything away from you without replacing it with something better" and you and I might not believe it when we are sad but I really feel it's true! This is a loving universe and it only wants to give. To everyone. So whether you lost something in your job, or a person, or an opportunity or some money or you don't feel good about yourself right now, DON'T WORRY AND BE HAPPY, because better things are coming your way <3