What to wear to your office | Office looks | Office fashion


"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress,

Dress impeccably and they remember the women."

-Coco Chanel

Dressing is a way of expressing yourself. And what better way to bring out your magnetic personality than POWER DRESSING. Office wear has not been explored a lot in the fashion zone because sometimes we believe it’s all dull, boring and uptight! But office clothes can be fun too! Oh and let’s not forget extremely stylish office fashion! What to wear to office is no longer going to be one of your concerns because Rutvi Dave, our fashion expert, is here to show you a few ways you can rock the office look for various office occasions!

What to wear to your office:

#1 Casual chic

This can be your casual office wear. It’s a plain white shirt with pleats in front paired with black high waist wide leg pants.

It’s really simple yet very elegant. This look is the perfect look for a casual day at office. But make sure you don’t spill your coffee on it!!

office wear look


#2 Boss Babes

If you are someone who thinks dresses are not meant for work, you are wrong! This look is all about a perfect fit knee length dress. Plus neutral colors make it really fit for work. Spice this up with some small accessories to up the game! Oh, how about some broad black  geek glasses! Geek fashion is such an on-point office wear look these days!

office fashion
power dressing

#3 The presentation look

If this is not “powerful” enough, we don’t know what is. It’s is surely going to give you extra points!

It’s a basic striped shirt paired with plain black pants and a blazer- Classic office fashion, yet impactful.

office fashion


These few office wear inspiration ideas are sure to make your magnetic personality stand out!

All images are from pinterest.