How to nail the perfect smokey eye

Hello beautiful ladies!

 Smokey eye is one of the most dazzling things to add to your look. Smokey eye offers you the best of the come-hither looks that you’ve always wanted. Here’s to all the beauty tenderfoots who have been considering this to be difficult. We’re breaking down to you, the step-by-step process of nailing the smokey eye makeup perfectly!



Yes girls, nobody loves watching their time and money being rolled down the cheeks so which means you need to prep your skin with all the essential pre-makeup routine!

Step 1:  Moisturiser

It wakes up your skin instantly and gives your make up a perfect base to stick onto. Apply generous amount onto the tip of your fingers and rub against each other. (This will give it a suitable temperature to help you get better results) Apply in circular motions to increase your blood flow around the areas that need attention.


Step2 :Primer

No smears? No fine lines? Then a primer is all you need. Pat a dot over & under your lids to ensure the drama lasts longer.


Step 3 : Concealer

Look for a tone that matches your skin color AROUND THE EYES and apply small amount with your ring finger as this is the most delicate of all and helps in preventing any creases. PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION to the inner corners of your eyelids as this is the most vulnerable area.


Step4 : Setting Powder

Press a little translucent powder over the concealed area. This will help the color stay longer and most importantly, it ensures that the color looks more vibrant on you!

Then, apply some of it under your lids before you apply the color so that once your look is done, you can swipe off any excess color that sits/ falls on your under eye area. Another way to prevent fall out is using tapes like so.

smokey eye makeup



Step5 : Lipstick

Yes! That’s right. Applying lipstick is what you need to do before you do your makeup. This will guide you to choose which and how much of color do you need for the desired look. If you opt for nude lip colors, go for dark colors on your eyelids. If you opt for dark lip colors, go for a smooth and lighter color on your eyelids.


Deepika Padukone smokey eye

Picture courtesy – Pinterest.

Deepika Padukone Sabyasachi lehenga

Picture courtesy – Pinterest.


Step 6 : Lining the upper waterline

Sounds a bit scary but trust me when I say this, it adds more volume to your lashes. Use a Kajal pencil and go from the outer corner to the inner until three quarters.


Step 7: Set the crease using a peach eye shadow

Start with using a peach eye shadow and apply in religiously all over your eyelids. This will not only cover your concealer but also give a good dimension to the smokey eye.

Intensify the crease by going over with a layer of brown eyeshadow. once you have defined your crease, use the same eyeshadow in the outer corner of your eyelids.

smokey eye tutorial


Step 8:  The real deal.

Choose from the darkest shades that you want for the look , preferably black, and with the help of your ring finger, add the color onto the centre of your eyelid closer to the lash line and pat it back & forth to transfer the color. Keep adding the color depending upon your levels of intensity for the look but this time, dab the color in the centre of your eye socket and move back and forth.

Choose a small, rounded or a Q-tip, smooth, smudgy brush to blend in the color into the socket upwards and outwards.

With any remaining color on your finger, color the outer edges of your eyes slightly to give that finishing touches.


Step 9: Liner

Focus on your top lash line. Using a kohl pencil, a dark shadow or a liner apply smooth strokes touching the base of the eyelid so that you don’t leave any gaps in between for the skin to peep out. Go from the centre towards the outer corner and then come back to the centre and inwards. This will make sure you define them in a better way.


PRO TIP: To make the liner stay in place, press a little eye-shadow onto the brush and strike it over the lined area preventing it from smudging.


Step 10:  Intensifying

If you want to intensify the look, get the eye-liner and tickle it onto the roots of your lashes but not too much. Go from the outer to the inner corner of the area covering just half or three fourths of the lash line.

Smoothen the liner by using a Q-tip and smudge away a little to make it look more smokey!


Step 11 : Highlighter

Use a highlighter or a white eye-shadow and color the area of your brow bone as well as the inner corner of the eye. This will brighten & open up the eye area.

highlight inner corner of eye


Step 11 : Mascara

Intensify more by applying generous coats of mascara, prefer at least two coats on both upper and lower lashes.

(You could use some eye lashes extensions to add more volume)

And that’s about it! There you have, your own sultry, elegant, breath-taking and bold smokey eye!


Hope you got a better hold on how to do it yourself. Any queries, anything that you would like us to write on, please do send in the suggestions. We will get back to you guys with another new post.



Lovely Samudrala,

Makeup expert

Team NM