Shillong : The Scotland of the East | Styledotme x Hotel Polo Towers

I had heard a lot about North East India. Starting from how untouched and magnificent nature is there. How the skies are bluer , the breeze more pleasant and the vibe more chill. 

And I am so happy as I pen this down because all of it is true! While planning our to-do list of places to visit, we tend to give our beautiful country a back seat even though there is so so much to explore, live and admire! And my list was no different. So before I begin documenting my North eastern journey for y'all to read and enjoy, here's a huge shoutout to Styledotme for making this possible because if it weren't for them, I wouldn't have experienced our very own Scotland of the East and Hotel Polo Towers for hosting us really gracefully.


T H E   J O U R N E Y 

Day 1

We were supposed to catch a flight at  7: 30am if I can recall and y'all know how good I am at morning flights jeez! But surprisingly that day, I was on time! Quickly after exchanging hi's and hello's with the other 4 bloggers accompanying me, right when we all decided to go in, a security guard at the entrance stopped me!!!!! *Please assume a drumroll and some other cinematic background sounds for creative purposes only*

He wouldn't let me in because all my identity proofs and official documents are registered under the name of "Nikita" while my ticket had been booked under the name of "Niki". I even showed him my Instagram to prove my innocence! *Smart move NM, like that totally counts for an ID proof*

After requesting him for what seemed like a decade because everyone else was already in line to check in their luggage, he let me in. Phew! HAHA! That was one hell of a experience , I'll tell you that! 


Cut to finally checking in and a dozen airport look photo for IG later, we were allll set to land in Guwahati from where we were supposed to drive down to Cherrapunjee after a mini haul at Shillong's ML 05 cafe. This cafe you guys was everything you could ask for in the hills. 

A cosy place in the middle of beautiful hills, this cafe was a biker theme one and had open glass windows and peppy music. It appeared to be the favourite hangout place of the locals there and I now know why! The foooooood! If you happen to be there, don't forget to try their hot chocolate with Marshmallows , chicken tikka and their pasta! YUM! 

We even had cute little messages with a small gift waiting for each one of us at our tables. The gift was a red beaded necklace which is a traditional Assamese accessory. We left the cafe with a full stomach and an excited heart as we cruised through the beautiful lanes of Meghalaya , watched the sunset, grooved to the ukulele and laughed our hearts out.

We stopped at Nohkalikai Falls and THIS photo isn't doing justice to the view!

We stopped at Nohkalikai Falls and THIS photo isn't doing justice to the view!

Day 1 was sealed with a cosy bonfire night in our luxurious Polo Orchid resort and not so cosy beer under the stars.


Day 2

If I was a journal keeper, this day would have gone down as one of my most memorable ones with a bright sticky note which would have tons of love struck smileys and one sleepy smiley maybe, the reason for which you'll know in a second.


We had a hearty breakfast with a view of the 7 sisters which for those of you who don't know, is a series of 7 waterfalls in a row cascading the cliff and overlooking Bangladesh.

From one mesmerising view to in search for another, we left for our 8000 step trek! Now, I am the opposite of a trek person. Like I am an un-trek person and I cannot believe I managed to climb up and down 8000+ steps and two -three scary bridges !!!! We were huffing and puffing and dying... and dead... but still walking.. we were legit the walking dead *Did you see what I did there? insert 5 extra cool smileys*

Meet Anisha and Alba! They live two minutes away from the famous Living roots Bridge

Meet Anisha and Alba! They live two minutes away from the famous Living roots Bridge


But when we reached that waterfall/ lake, our fatigue vanished in an instant! The water was ice cold and the flow was strong, but oh boy! WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! I dived into that waterfall and I do not exactly know how to pen down my experience, It was surreal. It really was.

After a beautiful afternoon by that waterfall, we guys headed back to our hotel and our sore leg muscles didn't really allow us to do anything that night.


Day 3

Our final day in Meghalaya was spent admiring the beautiful property for the most part. I am SO EXCITED to show you guys all the pictures we clicked! 

Talk about aesthetic rooms!

Talk about aesthetic rooms!

Luxury redefined: Personal outdoor pool

Luxury redefined: Personal outdoor pool

We then checked into the Shillong property of Hotel Polo towers which is has a very prime location in the heart of the city. That evening we explored the famous Police Bazaar and tried out some local dishes soon after which we left for our hotel because IT WAS KARAOKE NIGHT AT THE IRISH PUB! You guysss!!!!! It was one of the best nights I have been out to lately. The vibe was so chill, all of us were singing at the top of our voices and dancing with not two but 4 left feet without a care in the world!

It was the perfect way to end our cosy little trip with a bang!!!! 

Ps: While on our way to the airport, we stopped at the cutest Café in the whole of Meghalaya! It goes by the name of Dylan Café : the food there was delicious and the ambience was very French and cosy. Do stop by if you are there:D

I hope y'all enjoy the pictures