Blogmint: Influencer Marketing Platform review

Hi my loves,

How are you all today? I get asked this question a lot by upcoming and/or aspiring bloggers about how blogging works, how brands reach out to us , the money and basically all the business aspects of this creative field that aren't so obvious to the general eye.

Hence I saw merit in doing one such post for y'all so that new influencers on the block or any new and/or established brands can benefit from this.

There are clearly a lot of bloggers and a lot of brands in the industry and it is almost impossible for either of them whose main job is to create and market their content / product to find each other so easily. That's where an influencer platform comes in. There main role is to connect the right brands to the right bloggers so that it's a perfect match of  creative and marketing sensibilities. 

One such platform is Blogmint. I have been registered on this for a while now and I have explored some great opportunities with them. I have worked for brands like VogueEyewear, VLCC, DireStraits , LGV20, Coolpad to name a few. It helps brands identify and engage targeted influencers to create powerful social and video content.

 VLCC x Nikimehra x Blogmint 

 VLCC x Nikimehra x Blogmint 

100 Pipers Dire Straits x NikiMehra x Blogmint

100 Pipers Dire Straits x NikiMehra x Blogmint

Coolpad x Nikimehra X Blogmint

Coolpad x Nikimehra X Blogmint

They claim to have 40,325 active influencers with a combined reach of 818.6M!!!! And about 1254 brands with 767 campaigns launched. WHICH IS A LOT. I feel for an upcoming blogger who is still establishing him/herself and who a lot of brand PR agencies don't know yet, or even for an established blogger, such a platform is very useful because it's the easiest way to get business. And similarly for brands, the tedious part of finding the right influencers from a pool of tens of thousands is impossible.

How blogmint works?

An individual can sign up as an influencer or a brand.

If you are an influencer looking for some exciting brand collaborations, this is what you need to do:

Step 1: Discover Campaigns

Search and explore live campaigns from your favorite brands. 

Step 2: Apply for Campaigns

Apply for relevant campaigns or accept invitations from brands that want to engage you. 

Step 3: Submit your blog draft on the platform

Submit draft blog for review. Once the brand approves it, publish the blog and submit the published URL. Sometimes if the campaign is a launch event, you may have to submit your Instagram/ any other social media upload links on the platform for approval by the brand.

Step 4: Get paid!

And that is it! Once the campaign is over, you get paid directly into your bank within 90 days, the details of which you need to add while signing up on the platform. 

If you are signing up as a brand looking for the right influencer to help you style/ market your product :

Step 1: Create campaigns

Create blogger outreach campaign to engage targeted influencers for product launch, brand awareness, content distribution and more.

Step 2: Invite influencers of your choice registered on the platform

Invite relevant influencers to participate and blog basis genre or Blogscore – a metric which is derived from blog's performance, blog's global benchmarking and influencer's social influence. Or accept campaign applications from the influencers keen on participating. 

Step 3: Review and approve blog post / social media uploads

Review draft blogs / social media uploads and give feed back to ensure your brand guidelines are met. The blog goes live only once you approve it.

Step 4: In depth Analytics

Analyze the reach and influence earned in real-time.

I can speak as an influencer on the platform that it is definitely very smooth functioning, organised, unbiased and hassle free. The team is very cordial , friendly and understanding to work with and given me the chance to interact with very interesting people and brands.

I hope this proved useful to you!

Love always xx