Swarovski Romance

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And in the end, we were all just humans ,
drunk on the idea that love and only love could heal us
— Christopher poindexter

Bonjour mes amours!

They say the power of love is the greatest power in the universe and to celebrate just that , I am going to take you through three different phases of love, each carrying its own charm and vibe.

Love. Romance. Elegance. Classic. Timeless. Effortless. Parisien. Needless to say,  I teamed up with Swarovski India for today's post because their collection has always meant and symbolised all of these things to me and more. Always.

I have always always been a fan of their intricate, highly delicate and sophisticated pieces, that act showstoppers in one's look without exception.

Their new collection that I have styled in three different ways HAS TO BE my favourite one till date. The range includes unique designer statement neckpieces made of  quintessential sparkly white Swarovski crystals, some super chic rose gold watches ,bracelets and rings for you to layer , and my absolute favourite statement pendants, neckpieces and rings which are designed to PERFECTION, incorporating beautiful hues of turquoise , green and pink!!!!!!!! The spring /summer collection is indeed breath taking. And I cannot wait for you to see it for yourself, so lets just dive right in, Shall we?

F r e s h  as a  d a i s y : y o u n g   l o v e 

"Because we were just kids when we fell in love, not knowing what it was"

aaah those days I tell you!!! First love, young love. Adrenaline so high, everything seems colourful , vibrant , happy , beautiful. Just beautiful. 


Pastel greens and pinks have always been my go to colours while choosing my outfit because I feel they make you look so young , glowy and well, in love. But you know what's better than  pastel pink or green outfits? Pastel pink and green jewellery !!! 

When I had the chance to go to Paris, I learnt some amazing Swarovski styling hacks which I incorporate into almost every look while accessorising! They are called Styling pillars, and the ones I am using here are called: bangle mania and pendant layering. I used a couple of stunning  Crystaldust cuffs and stacked them together! You can see how beautifully they are complementing my look.

I also layered my Gaia necklace and pendant ( which is a huge huge styling trend right now). This particular Gaia collection has to be my favourite hands down, because of it's detailed design. 


Crystaldust cuff, pastel pink

crystaldust cuff, pink

slake print bracelet, multicoloured

gaia necklace, green

gaia pendant, green


O L D  S C H O O L  R O M A N C E 

"hers is an old fashioned heart that believes in flowers, real dates, and an elegant swarovski crystal on the finger."

Timeless. Classic. Simple. Elegant. Straight out of the streets of the love capital of the world, Paris. The journey of love we read in books, we look forward to. It's deep, it makes you believe in forever. And because we are talking about forever, I chose some pieces that are simple, classy and timeless.

about the look:

Rose gold, I believe will always be here. It's timeless. And to my belief, nothing looks more elegant than layering a few highly subtle and delicate rose gold  bracelets with a classic watch. My favourite from the lot here is the Ginger bangle. I think it's extremelyyy stylish and different because I haven't seen a bracelet like that before and you can even experiment with this! I wore it like a finger cuff, which I think is super trendy! The hero though for me, the styling pillar here, is Ring stacking. Stacking a few highly dainty yet meaningful designs of rings with anything- not just a romantic , glamorous or girly outfit but even casual, streetstyle ones- really elevates one's look. I like to wear my delicate Swarovski pieces on an everyday basis because for starters you can't go all out while running errands with statement junk jewellery and minimalistic chic is what 2017 seems to be asking from us ladies!

what i am wearing:

crytalline pure watch, rose gold tone 

gentle bangle oval,white 

ginger bangle,white

field ring folded heart, white  

ginger ring set, rose gold


d a r k   r o m a n c e 

It's selfish sometimes, but it's passionate at all times. Sexy, bold, shining and sparkling always even in the dark. You know it it is risky or might not be good for you, but it's almost addictive.

about the look:

This whole look revolves around outfit and jewellery picks that are highly bold, they make a statement ,  and will make sure that anyone you pass will at least look twice. They are almost addictive, just like our dark romance.

I loved how my  jewellery here pops and uplifts the whole link by adding the right balanced touch of elegance, tease, glow and sparkle. This particular kind of jewellery goes beautifully with blacks, maroons, greys, basically all other dark colours because it breaks the monotony of the outfit and pops to make you standout. The Swarovski styling pillars I used here were Statement neckpieces and asymmetrical earrings. For me, the hero of the look , HANDS DOWN , was the ring!!! Ring cuff!!!? Really! Never seen something like that before! Really really trendy.

what i am wearing:

gardenia open ring, white

 glow necklace large, white 

garden pierced earrings with jacket, white


I hope you all enjoyed my take on romance and different ways you can style these brilliantly crafted Swarovski pieces, which are now available on Myntra

I'll see you all next time, until then

Love a lot, laugh a lot and do not forget to #bebrilliant



All images have been captured using Gionee s6s.