My trip to kasauli | Places to visit in Kasauli, sightseeing and things to do

Hi guyssss!

How is this relatively cosy tuesday afternoon treating you alll?! As for me, I just ranted on snapchat about how my office decor has been keeping me busy and I am having a tough time meeting my deadlinessss.  In times like these where there is so much to do, I feel like taking a nap instead. oooh or better, take a vacation!!!! Does it happen to you guys as well? Look at how cleverly the procrastinator inside of me is trying to seek your approval haha

How i wishhh i could be transported directly to Goa right now, chilling on a beach with my best people and a chilled beer. ooh and a nice bikini to click some snaps haha. And if that's too much to askfor, then atleast be transported back to kasauli on my mini weekend getaway I took with my college friends!! universe are you listening?

Speaking of kasauli, a few days ago as most of you would know, I took a mini 2 day trip to kasauli with my friends just to rejuvenate and be away from all the stressss that we normally face. I wasnt very active on social media as well because I just wanted to be in the moment and take every second of the beautiful simple trip in. I didnt takemy camera along either, Can you believe this!!! Just had my polaroid and my Gionee s6s on which I captured whatever beautiful memories I could from the getaway.

We were staying at the Baikunth resort, which I believe is the best one in Kasauli. You can see the entire valley from their garden restaurant which btw is DAMN BEAUTIFUL!! I really couldnt believe a property like that could exist in a small hill station like this one. The foood was amazingggg! Especially their chicken tikka masala which was yummmm. I think  they specialize in  indian cuisine but I loved their other stuff as well

Once we arrived, rested and freshened up , we headed out to the sunset point. This one IS A MUST SEE when you are in kasauli. I wasn't snapchatting, instagramming or anything of that sort and I am so glad I chose to do that!! Because the experience was SURREAL! The skies looked like they were on fireeee, like literally guys we were just taking in the chilly breeze and listening to coldplay gazing at the sun setting , thinking about where we are in life, how being here at this moment is what we really want.. we guys were sitting together, my arms wrapped around my bestfriend's but we weren't talking, just staring in awe.. at the universe .. at the beauty of how the sky slowly slipped into its usual orangish tone, when suddenly we don't know what happened but one section of the sky turned burnt orange and the rest of it was a beautiful family of blue! For experiences like these, I am a sucker for sunsets.


We got so high.. and as much as i'd like to believe it was the wine.. it was really just life, that we started dancing in the middle of an empty hilly -chilly road to batameez dil and oh boy was it anything less that an oscar winning performance! 

Clearly after all this we were really hungry and i dont know what is it about hills but I start craving maggi more than ever. We stopped at this tiny cafe in the kasauli market I believe, which serves yummy momos and vegetable maggi!

The next day we had to leave for delhi, so we decided to have our breakfast at the kasauli tourism resort . The ride to this resort was so happy and joyful again with us rolling down the windows to enjoy the breeze and singing our most favourite songs at the top of our voices. I was even waving all the localites as we passed them by and they waved back at us in sheer joy! aaaah! We were totally immersed in our yummy biryani, and what caught our attention wasn't the breath taking view but a mischievous fat monkey  who stole our breads!!!!

The trip was sweet and warm.. and after this one I believe I will take more such short trips just to cherish and value life and friends more <3 I am glad I didn't take my camera but I am happier about the fact that I had my gionee on me.. at first I was a little skeptical if it would do justice to my trip memories because I am very particular about them, but the camera is sooooooooooooooooooooooo good at capturing sunsets, beauty shot selfies in the dark or against the sun because of the selfie flash and even moving shots that I think this phone will be my travel partner for life!


Enjoy  the pictures!