How to wear Tie dye like a Fashion expert | Tie dye: Buy Tie dye clothing online in India

Tie and dye designs and patterns have somehow always found a place in the "fashion trends to follow" segment of all leading articles. From "How to rock a tie dye shirt right now" to "How to wear tie dye like a fashion insider" and endless surfing on pinterest, I think I have read and seen a million ways to style tie dye clothes.

I love the fabric, primarily for its bohemian ,abstract feel but honestly I could never really get through those articles without a yawn! Why the hype? I think my not so passionate response to those amazing articles was attributed to the fact that in India at least, there were hardly any good tie and dye selling labels and for those of them who did , there was absolutely no variety! Tie dye shirts and dresses was alll I could find. Well, until now.

Hello there,

How is my fam doingggg?

I was approached by a premium Indian label called Dressfolk who deal exclusively in high quality, tie dye designs manufacturing a wide range of fashion apparel using the fabric- tie dye jumpsuits, dresses, shirts, culottes, jackets, shrugs etc, and the second I received their clothes in the mail , I knew a " How to incorporate tie dye outfits into your everyday life" article was finding its way on the blog.

F O R M A L S 

This outfit hands down is my absolute favourite because I had never imagined wearing tie dye to work. It is easy chic, it is neutral , bold yet subtle and just perfect if you want to show that you haven't put in a lot of effort into getting  your outfit together! Yes, looking good just happens to me, I didn't take a day to plan this , please! ;-)

S P E C I A L   E V E N I N G S 

This one's perfect for your dinner dates, or that salsa evening you are planning with him. I also feel this would make the perfect resort dress if you are planning a luxury mini getaway to a fancy romantic resort nearby. Hint Hint: a gentle reminder by Team NM , Valentines' day is around the corner! 

You know how there are some dresses that speak for themselves and you don't need to put in a lot of effort into accessorizing them and let's be real, these things matter if you are a fashion lover but at the same time a lazy girl! Who me? Lazy? *Rolling eyes faster than a roller coaster*

G I R L S   P A R T Y   D A Y &  N I G H T 

This outfit will be perfect for a cute tumblr-y lunch scene with your besties, where you need a lot of cute photos for the gram CLEARLY. Pink is always my go to color anyway, because it just adds a different kind of glow to my face. I love how this outfit turned out to be so playful , fun and cute.

I switched it up with my glads and a muave tie dye jacket to catch a few drinks later in the day with the squad *Whosoever is catching the Sex in the city vibes here is officially a NM Squad member!*

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Drop in your comments if you have any queries about where and how to buy tie dye clothes online from Dressfolk or how to style them and I will be happy to answer them!




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