My Goa travel diary with IFFI 2017

Goa feels like my second home now. It keeps calling me again and again and every time it feels absolutely beautiful to be back.

This time Goa was a whole new adventure and I have to say, one of my best visits too.. probably the best one actually!

I was in Goa to experience and celebrate art with IFFI.

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IFFI, International Film Festival of India hosted its 48th edition in Goa last month. 

The opening ceremony of IFFI 2017 was anchored by Raj Kumar Rao and Radhika Apte and eminent Indian film personalities such as Shahrukh Khan, A.R Rahman, Sridevi, Nana Patekar and Shahid Kapoor graced the event. The inaugural ceremony also witnessed some mesmerizing audio visual performances like ‘Drums of India’, a musical treat with drums from all across the country and ‘Utsav’, a visual spectacle showcasing diversity of Indian culture.

The stage as we see on TV 

The stage as we see on TV 

The ever so charming, Shahrukh Khan

The ever so charming, Shahrukh Khan

The 48th IFFI showcased the best of recent International cinema, along with special sections such as Retrospectives, BRICS Award-Winning films, Homages and an Indian Panorama Section featuring the best of Indian Cinema produced in the past year.

Shahid Kapoor at IFFI

Shahid Kapoor at IFFI

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Spot your fav celeb!

Spot your fav celeb!

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It showcased 195 films from over 82 countries!!! So a lot went down really! The 8-day festival was a crazy celebration of art all around the world with a grand opening and closing night. *Yes, Shahrukh and Salman were there!!!*

I was lucky enough to have experienced some of this and if you saw my Instagram live, you must have seen me playing around with their augmented reality segment.

It feels incredible to meet new people who believe in the same things as you do and I had the chance to meet two such amazing people. Viresh, who was from the IFFI team and Ashish, who helped me capture Goa at its best. The amazing people at IFFI also treated me and mom to a private yacht ride by Fun Cruises Goa. You guys! I cannot begin to tell you how amazing this experience was. We were on a private yacht with live barbecue and drinks on the house. It is a must have experience while in Goa.

I was there for 4 days and I explored a lot of new beaches and small, cosy shacks this time. We drove 130 km to reach this beach called Arambol and I am so glad all our efforts paid off because you guys LOVED the pictures so much. This was the first beach I saw which had a proper market! If you want to street shop in Goa, now you know where to go. I picked up a pair of sunnies from there and they are my staple pair right now. Right in the beginning of this market, is a small shack. They serve such good fried rice so if you are there, try that too bub x 

Oh, can't forget the Sweet Water Lake. It's a hidden gem!  You'll have to walk down till the end of the beach and even though the walk is long, it'll be worth it. Situated amidst trees and hills covered with trees, is this lake in the middle of nowhere. There are beach beds along the lake and those who know about it, choose to take a dip here instead of the ocean.

I am leaving the link to IFFI's Instagram here for you to catch all the behind the scenes of what actually goes on during the fancy award shows that we see on TV! 

Enjoy the pictures xx

Sweet water lake

Sweet water lake