Best coloured fashion contact lenses you must get your hands on NOW

" Eye contact is a dangerous thing, but lovely. Oh so lovely. Make it worth while"

There are no second thoughts to how much contact lenses add to your whole look. They have truly become a fashion statement and we can see everyone adding coloured contact lenses to their wedding looks, party makeup looks and every other special occasion you can think of.

Tis' the season of celebration!!! With weddings, Christmas , New Year, birthdays around the corner, I thought of sharing with y'all some of my favourite coloured contact lenses. These colours are staples and will go with all skin complexions and all makeup looks as well *I can see the beauty freak in you doing a summersault eee*


This post will tell you the best fashion coloured contact lenses to invest in : the colours, the brand and the look that you can try with each one of the lenses. 


I got these lenses from FreshLook which is available online here and at your nearest optical store. I got mine from lens kart. They have a 'Buy one get one free' offer going on right now so you might want to hurry and get your hands on the lucrative deal!

Why I prefer this brand?

For one, the quality is really nice. I am not a regular lens person so for someone who hasn't tried them a lot, these lenses are so easy to wear and take off.

 Secondly, coloured lenses don't have to be popping and over powering to the point that it looks tacky. They need to be subtle, elegant and yet give you the tint in your eyes that you're looking for. These coloured lenses help you make just the right fashion statement by giving you the colour without it being too pigmented. In the pictures below, you'll find the lenses too saturated/ pigmented. That is a result of editing and is done only to show you the vibe and colour you'll get once you have these lenses on in person and when you're in daylight. The saturation also helps to tell you the makeup and hair that we think will compliment these lenses better.

Lastly, they are really easy on the pocket which is always a plus point.


Let's talk about the colours:

1. Blue

A classic when it comes to coloured contacts, right? This was my favourite one from the three colours because the tint is to die for!!!! Such a beautiful, subtle blue which looks so European!

You can purchase these lenses:  here


2. PURE Hazel 

The perfect shade for darker tones, this colour looks really good with bronzy makeup and compliments the Indian face a lot.

You can purchase these lenses: here


3. Sterling gray

These lenses will make sure you make heads turn with the sensual vibe they give to your whole look. We decided to compliment this vibe with tight curls and a bold lip and I think it looks stunning.

You can purchases these lenses: here


You can follow FreshLook on their social media handles to know more about the different looks that you can create with different lenses.

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Hair and Makeup: Shambhavi Agarwal 

Production : Franky Bhatia