How to contour and highlight your face like an expert in 60 seconds

Contouring and highlighting are really important to give your face a good shape and carve it nicely. This technique makes a big difference in making your face look more structured and chiseled and your skin more dewy and glowing.

 So how should you contour and highlight? 

Our makeup expert, Rutvi Dave has found a simple image that will help you understand better. You have to contour the top of forehead, the hollows of your cheek, the sides of your nose and just above your natural jawline to hide that double chin.

Highlighting is the most favourite makeup trend of all time. It makes your skin glow and just brings the whole look together. It's is very important to apply the right amount of highlight and not go too overboard.

The places where you should highlight are your cheek bones, the bridge of your nose, the center of your forehead and your Cupid's bow( centre of your lip) 
 And that's it you are good to go!!!! 


Image courtesy: Cover Girl

Image courtesy: Cover Girl