Did you know these foods are making you fat!

Your right food can very often be wrong and when we say wrong, we mean it. Spending thousands for spas, weight loss trainings, dietary supplements can be futile if you aren't eating properly. Fear not, thy will be saved. To know what is putting those extra 2kgs on your tummy, follow up this list of foods that our lifestyle expert, Lovely Samudrala, has for you.


1.    Almonds.

Every Einstein eats it at some point in life but once you know you’re smart enough, stop popping them up! Usually having almonds is supposed to be healthy, which is true but taking more than 1 oz (23 kernels) can fetch you 530 calories. It triggers weight gain and does dietary damage.




2.    Protein bars.

If protein bars are in your diet, well and good but keep an eye on them. Anything that brings the bar range between 300-400 calories or below that is the choice you need to make. If the bar contains 30 grams of sugar or more, you’re going to gain weight even if it’s a healthy bar. Check for the ingredients, if there are more than 5, avoid it.

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3.    Avocado.

It’s a fruit that helps you to burn weight but only if taken in the right amount. It is densely caloric! One complete fruit can add 230 calories and 30 grams of fat. So prefer 1/5th of it and voila!

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4.    Dried fruits.

Raisins, grapes get dehydrated when dried and these are more caloric than when they’re fresh so like almonds, keeping an eye on the intake will help. One cup of raisins has 400 calories. Check for added preservatives or sugar as these amount to degrading your health too.

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5.    Dark Chocolate.

One pack of your usual chocolate has 820 calories. That’s a lot guys! Chocolate is known to be good for heart since it can help in lowering blood pressure and improves cholesterol in blood but only if taken in lesser quantities. 

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6.    Coffee.

It’s the redbull we all need to get wings to stay up late at nights and it’s actually good for the mental functioning but what we’re forgetting here is that taking caffeine in latte, macchiato, mocha is putting those extra pounds on you. Let’s say, we’ve treated us a coffee from the high end coffee café’s, we’re also treating us with 400 calories with that basic cup (Excluding the whipped cream!) Now does that sound right? No. So instead, choose black coffee and espresso but then again, set limits.

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7.    Salad.

So many of you might be following the salad regime religiously but what you’re missing out on is this tiniest detail. The basic salad is great but adding anymore toppings to it is just ruining your diet. Nuts, vinegar, yogurt, avocado pieces, cheese, cream increase the calorie intake. Avoid noodles in the salads, it adds the extra calories you are trying to avoid. 

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8.    Smoothies.

Thank god for flavoured smoothies when we’re out and need to find an alternative for drinks? Umm, no. Wrong again! As much as they fill up our stomachs when we’re planning on skipping meals, they fill up the body mass too! Smoothies should never be taken in quantities more than 8 ounces or 150 Calories for breakfast and 300 Calories for lunch. Choose more veggie friendly smoothies since fruit bases can add extra sugars to the smoothies and you wouldn’t want that. 




9. Sushi.

‘Shinjitsu’. Ha-ha, true ladies. We advise you make sushi at home but that’s a lot of work so when you eat out remember that one roll with 8 pieces contains 510 Calories. What! Plus the white rice contains more carbs than proteins and most of us prefer spicy rolls which adds like 290 Calories. It’s not all fun eating Sushi girls but if you are one among us who love it then keep in mind you need to shift towards Sashimi, brown rice, lessen the saucy base, decreasing tempura quantity, increase soups and salads as starters as these will fill up a few Calories.

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So, these are the few foods that we have on a regular basis which need to be cut down completely or should be limited.  You have any more to add on? Do you want us to write on something? Leave them all down here and we’ll get back to you with more information!

Until then