Diwali hairstyle ideas | Hairstyles to don this festive season

The festive season is here,  one can’t stop looking for glamorous outfits and some perfect hairstyles. Donning the right hairstyle for a festive look can be a bit tricky but our beauty expert, Riya Roy, can surely solve your problem. Picking up the right hair accessory and hairstyle can change your look completely.

Here are some festive season hairstyle ideas

1. Maang Tika Hairstyle

Maang tika is a huge trend right now, but wearing it in the same old school look can be a bit boring. Use a nice quality hair gel and gel the entire length of your hair and clip it from the sides of your ear, giving it a middle partition sleek look. Now pin the maang tika on the middle partition as per your adjustments and you're ready torock the sleek, sexy traditional look.


2. Low Bun

 Make a middle partition and apply some gel to avoid baby hair, pull it back to a low pony and then make a sleek bun. You can also put gajara, or a rose flower to give it a twist.


3. Beachy Waves

If want to have a simple yet gorgeous look, go for beachy curls. Give your hair a side partition and start curling your hair, don’t make the curls too tight and after done with styling let your fingers through those the curls to loosen them for a beachy wavy look. Loose curls always give a gorgeous look. Spray some hairspray later on to set it.   


4. Puff Fishtail Braid

Make a high puff and pull it back and tie a pony tail, now braid the left hair in a fishtail braid and tie it with a band. Now finish the look with pulling out some strands of hair to give it a messy braid look. Such an edgy traditional look!


5. Twisted Hairstyle

Make a side partition and take a few strands of hair from the front and twist it taking it towards the back and pin it. Do the same thing on the other side, don’t make the twist too tight, and take out a few strands of hair near your ears.


6. Half Puff Hairstyle

Make a messy puff and pin it towards the back. Now curl the remaining hair to form beachy waves making it simple and wavy. 


These were some of the hairstyles you can surely try at home for the weddings and Diwali parties this festive season.