Best budget weekend getaways near Delhi

For all of us living in metropolitan cities, a weekend break away from the busy city life is so important in order to unwind to take on the fresh week. However, we always hear people complain about how expensive travel can be but it doesn’t have to be. Hence, our Travel expert, Tanisha Diwan has curated a list of budget weekend getaways for the next long weekend trip you wish to take with your best friends

1) Agra

Thanks to the Yamuna Express Way, Agra is now only 3.5 hours away for the Delhi people. And we don’t need to tell you why a weekend getaway to Agra is a good idea, right? It has tons of things to do-Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and last but not the least the Panchhi Petha. You could even visit the Fatehpur Sikri.



2) Rishikesh

This spot is perfect for a budget trip. You can enjoy white water rafting, camping, bonfires and some romantic songs (just like the movie Aisha).



3) Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Are you a bird lover? Then this spot is perfect for you, but in case you are like me and have no specific interest in birds, then also this place is perfect for you. So why not go ahead and explore the 300 species of birds that this sanctuary houses.

bharatour bird.jpg


4) Jaipur

The royal capital of Rajasthan for a royal holiday! Jaipur is not like the old Jaipur anymore; it has developed in the past few years and has some good lounges and even party places.



5) Nahan

Don’t expect anything fancy here but what you must expect is the peace and quiet away from the noisy city life and a breath of fresh air away polluted air of Delhi. This is a perfect spot for you to relax and unwind.