“ Do it like a blogger or not at all”


Hope  you’re having a good day! Well, as for me I’m lazying around in my pjs and playing some fun interactive games with y’all on snapchat ( id: nikitamehra ) after yesterday’s busy schedule of meetings and catching up on pending work.

We all have to attend meetings and for those of you studying right now, wait for it...Your time is near too! :p  AND so we all need some formal pairs in our closets.

You know one of the perks of being a blogger?! We can even play around with what to wear for meetings.

 So today, I decided to show you guys our kind of formals.

I teamed up an over sized white shirt from my brother’s wardrobe, fully buttoned up and enhanced with my Aldo neck piece ,with these beautiful bow-bandage leggings from THE SHOPPING PALLET. I gave you guys a preview of this look on my instagram account and if you guys haven’t checked this online store out, you should do it right away! They have a really versatile collection. You can find some really casual pieces , formal floral skirts, funky scarves, dresses and so much more.

I absolutely adore their collection so much so that I have another look with them coming up super soon! And you’ll see how different it is from this one.

Let me know your thoughts on the shopping pallet and if you have any queries and give it a thumbs up if you liked the blogger way with formals.


Yours truly