"Be your own label"

Yes, that’s the mantra you need to follow in this ever evolving fashion age!

My cousin just got married,I was one of the bridesmaid and I was almost freaking out the whole time about what to wear!!!

These days since everybody has access to all the stores, sometimes you end up wearing such a similar outfit as someone else at a party ( I have even seen two girls wear the same saree on their farewell jeez!) and I am sure nothing can dull your shine more than that!! Let’s face it.. We all want to look our best on occasions important to us! But how? How can we look just on point, incorporating our own style into a designer outfit so that we look different from the rest yet ever so stylish?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, We have at our doorstep ‘label it custom’

So it was my cousin’s cocktail night and I wanted a really elegant gown for the same. I had a rough idea about what I wanted but even after several trips to several stores, I just couldn’t find the perfect look that I was picturing- sometimes the garment wasn’t right, in other cases the fitting was off, the color didn’t suit me, I didn’t like the neckline! Phew!

But then, someone recommended me  image (3)

For the ladies, you can either select a designer dress or an evening gown category. They have some really stylish yet affordable things for men too!


Create your custom wardrobe in 3 simple steps:



Select from a wide range of suits, shirts, jodhpuris, jackets, trousers, evening gowns, designer wear etc


image (29)

Fine tune each detail of your garment and design your style. For my gown, I chose to don an off-shoulder neck


image (27)

I did it myself with the detailed guidance from their site but you know what’s better! You can have a personal stylist ( in Delhi and Mumbai)at home who can not only tailor the outfit to your personality but you get to choose the fabric you want , the style you want and where you aren’t sure- all the guidance you want!

And in no time, I had it delivered at my doorstep! I am so excited to show you guys the final look! I mean just imagine, you can literally design and style your outfit but the finer details that a layman isn’t aware of, are taken care of by the designer!

They even have some young talent from pearl and NIFT, and welcome designs from the clients too! I have my outfit right in front of me as I am writing this post and trust me the fabrics and workmanship is really fine.

Get going you guys, the festive  season is around the corner, you really must have customized outfits from this brand that’s been in the fashion business for more than 20 years  hanging in your closets so that you can slay your most important occasion in style! They are ready to make us Indians creative enough to define our unique personality! And what’s more is that there is a FLAT 50% OFF RIGHT NOWWWW!

You know you don’t want to miss this!






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