Hi there!



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Bonjour world!

Welcome to my blog space! I am really excited and nervous at the same time because this is my very first step into the blogger world and I am thrilled!!!




You know it is so new and exciting for me to be able to express myself through a medium like this and having so much fun while doing it, more so because I had imagined myself majorly enjoying the shoots and dragging myself through the writing part, but Oh Well.. Sweet surprise:)



Okay now, I need to stop ranting and introduce myself! Hi! My name is Niki. 21 years old, born and brought up in the capital , a typical leo woman, bipolar , ambitious, a dreamer , ummm passionate and romantic to level notebook (Give me Ryan gosling), immensely creative, or so I believe, movie buff, fashion lover! Yes, that pretty much sums it up!



I am actually pretty nervous about this and honestly I dont even know what exactly my blog will be about. Not because I am confused but mainly because I dont want to set boundaries for myself that I cannot defy later. Let's just say I will see you guys here  to talk about things I love-fashion, beauty , travel and things you love!


Until Next Time. Xo